Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Office Of Future Plans

I could not be more excited for my pal Brooks who plays bass in Office Of Future Plans. Their new full-length record will be released on Dischord Records in November - so rad!

"Office of Future Plans, featuring J Robbins, Brooks Harlan, Gordon Withers, and Darren Zentek, will release their debut full-length album on Dischord Records in November 2011. J. Robbins is an acclaimed rock musician who lives in Baltimore, MD. He runs the Magpie Cage recording studio. His work in the bands Jawbox, Government Issue, Burning Airlines, andChannels, has influenced countless musicians over the years. Darren Zentek is an accomplished drummer who performed with Kerosene 454, Channels, and others. Brooks Harlan is a multi-instrumentalist who also runs the successful amp/guitar repair shop Big Crunch, along with his partner Shawna Potter. He and Shawna play in two other highly-regarded bands, Avec and War on Women. Gordon Withers is "the Jawbox on Cello guy". He now plays cello and guitar in Office of Future Plans." -